My work concerns with the composition, activation and dissolution of public archives and examines the convoluted relations between narratives and objects, the means of conservation and display. It often stems from site-specific and collaborative practices, which provide me the basis for installations, videos performances and texts.

I perceive the creation of an exhibition or any other mode of presenting knowledge as an affective and dynamic process that opens up possibilities for speculation and play. For me, all sites call for experimentation and all are interwoven with one another; the archive is the exhibition space; the exhibition space the locus of field work; the field where archives are transformed.












>Exhibition in Galerie Bernau - September 2020

>Publication: Colleex Zine for Experimental Ethnography, design & text

>Residency in Röderhof, Sep-Nov 2020

>Conference: On the Surface of Text: a reading session with props 'Academic Boundaries at Work', Leicester Institute for Advance Studies & School of Museum Studies, March 25-26 2020 *delayed*

>Publication: Cluster #1 Allegories of Sa(l)vage in SLUG Magazine

On the Surface of Text: a reading session with props" will be performed in HFBK Gallery Hamburg, January 23d

>On the Surface of Text: a reading session with props" will be performed as part of Stadtlabor for multimodal anthropology, Humboldt University, 16 December, 2019

>Exhibition: »Verquere Verortungen«, literature house Berlin, 3.12.19

>Exhibition: 'The relative Naive', Gallery Weisser Elefant, Berlin Nov. 2019

>Presentation at: 'Forschungsmaschine'. Verschränkte Verfahren von Kunst & Theorie. Symposion im Grünen Salon der Volksbühne Berlin, 19.-21. September 2019

> Symposium: "POSTMAGICSCIENCE – “Pure reason must never prevail” – Witchcraft, magic, and feminist materialism", Göttinger Centrums für Geschlechterforschung, 25-27 September 2019

> CfP Workshop European Network for Queer Anthropology: „Writing Difference, Writing Differently“; Europa-Universität Viadrina, 09.-11.09.2019

> Residency at Nirox Foundation, Johannesburg, August 2019

> Doctoral Winter School in Arts and Anthropology, Heritage-making, Uses and Museumification of the Past, Cape Town and Johannesburg (July 22nd - August 2nd, 2019)

> Symposium: The use•ful•less•ness of the experiment Anthropology and the assembly of the unexpected Second #Colleex Workshop 4–6 July 2019, Cieszyn, Poland

> Interview with Hadas Kedar, together with Anna Bromley, Ma'arav Magazine, Center for Digital Art, Holon

> Exhibition: Second Edition of The Sculpture Park, Madhavendra Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur, Opening 08.12.18

> Exhibition: Bangkok Biennial COOP Pavilion, Opening 01.07.18