QUIRCABUE YUIYUI (Speaking with the books), Pahoyan, Ucayali region, Peru, 2017.
An installation based on an imagined word. Video projection, c.15 min, Photographs & Objects; coconuts, turtle shell, branches, green-board paint and chalk. Exhibited in “The shadow is waiting for the full moon”, Obrońców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, 2017

According to a dictionary published by Karl von den Steinen in 1904 the word for
‘reading’ in the native Amazonian Shipibo language is ‘Quircabue Yuiyui’, which literally
translates to ‘speaking with the books’. According to researchers the meaning behind
this phrase is linked with the text, seen in the books of missionaries, which the Shibipo
relate to their own rituals of drawing geometrical designs on various objects. A practice
that also involves the transmission of oral narratives. However, in modern Shipibo
language there is no apparent reminiscence of the phrase, recorded by den Steinen. The
video and objects were made unpremeditatedly together with the children of the village
of Pahoyan, utilizing chalks, paint, academic papers and flashlight. They reference these
imaginary relations between orality, text and drawing.