My work is situated in the spaces between academic research and artistic practice. It often stems from site-specific and participatory processes, which provide me the basis for installations, videos, reading performances and texts. I perceive the creation of an exhibition or any other mode of presenting knowledge as a continuous affective and dynamic process that opens up possibilities for speculation and play. For me, all sites call for experimentation and all are interwoven with one another; the archive is the exhibition space; the exhibition space the locus of field work; the field where archives are transformed.


Spheres of Interest, exhibition at IFA Gallery, June 2022

Bernau im Umbruch, community project rewriting the city’s history through the exchange of postcards, together with BBZ Bernau bei Berlin


Silver ;publication, Material Verlag together with Marija Petrovic, 2022

Yiddishland Pavilion, online performance, Venice Biennale, Nov. 2022

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