SILVER, Material Verlag, HFBK Hamburg, 2023

Studies from the theory and practice of artistic-scholary research at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts. Volume 2/2023 – edited by Hanne Loreck
Text and Image selections: Ofri Lapid and Marija Petrovic
Design: Caspar Reuss
84 Pages 

ON TRACE, Material Verlag, HFBK, Hamburg, 2022
Design: Caspar Reuss
Feut. Images and a text by Marija Petrovic about the work On the Surface of Text, a Reading Session with Props, Ofri Lapid, 2020, HFBK Gallery

COLLEEX ZINE for Experimental Ethnography, 2020

Design: Ofri Lapid
Texts: Ofri Lapid, #xcol, Elisa Ayerza Taber,  Andrea Gaspar, Judith Igelsböck, Helena Elias, Eeva Berglund, Adolfo Estalella, Anna Lisa Ramella and Tomas Sanchez Criado.

Colleex Zine #1 designed for the scholarly network project COLLEEX, bringing for discussion the relevance of exploring meetings as pedagogical spaces for the apprenticeship of ethnographic experimentation. 

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