HFBK Hamburg, Mentor: Prof. Dr.Hanne Loreck

My research project emerges from the arenas of exchange between European travelers and the indigenous communities of the Western Amazon region since the first historic exploitative expeditions, through anthropological research, to their contemporary transformation into jungle tourism. By examining the academic debate concerning the meaning of the pattern-drawing practices of the Shipibo-Conibo and Yine(Piro) native communities, and the consequent adaptation of these theories in their oral histories, I wish to draw attention to the manner in which the economy of cultural heritage is powered by the production of anthropological knowledge. In the course of my theoretical and artistic research I aim at intensifying this procedure and investigate the products of ethnographic studies as artifacts of both Western and Indigenous culture, viewing narratives as fabrications of a shared reciprocal process. While attending to notions which arise from these narratives, I hope to question the hierarchical dispositions of orality and text, object and description, record and trace.