GOLD DIGGER Site specific project developed during residency at "Tsarino Foundation"
Artist in Residency, Bulgaria, 2011. Exhibited: Chorbadzhiysko, cultural center 2011
Sofia, cultural center 2012

Tsarino is a deserted village located in the Rhode mountain region in Kurdzhali, Bulgaria.
Nearly the entire former population left Tsarino just before the fall of communism. Now
that there is only one remaining inhabitant, Tsarino has been removed from the map.
Many of the village inhabitants moved to Chorbadzhiysko, 8 km from Tsarino. For
the final exhibition held in Chorbadzhiysko, I have created an inventory of objects I
found while visiting the deserted houses of Tsarino. The houses, left in a poor condition,
were often searched for gold or valuables. The locals, who did not really grasp the
meaning of our actions there, imagined the artists in residence to be either gold diggers,
body builders or in turtle business. Among the assembled objects are
communist membership identification cards, old vinyl records, documents, lucky charm
bracelet, several washed out old photograph, magazines and a study note-book about
the art of theater.