LEN SABA Bangkok Biennial 2018, COOP Pavilion
Saba Seeds, wood, paint.

A site specific participatory work conceived for the opening of the COOP Pavilion of the Bangkok Biennial 2018. LEN SABA is a traditional game that is played by the Mon Thai Community during the New Year’s celebrations. The game is played by tossing Saba seeds on the ground while following a unique set of rules and maneuvers. It is often that loosing comes with a penalty that allows for the players of both genders to interact with each other in a graceful but playful manner. The recreation of the game in the gallery space attempts at bringing the audience into contact with local traditional practices of social interaction, but also at extending tradition to the outside, to the interpretation of the unskillful passersby. Reflecting on the place that intangible and performative traditions take in our cultural life and the manner they maintain or potentially transform social structures.

Context and instructions by Suwanna (edited and put in writing by Pearamon Sasha Tulavardhana and Ofri Lapid)

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