NAHARGARH SHOWCASE Site-specific project developed in collaboration with Shreyas
Karle for the exhibition "Imitating Atmosphere", second edition of the Sculpture Park in
Madhavendra palace, Jaipur, India, 2017.

Madhavendra palace within Nahargarh Fort was build by Madho Singh II with the
intention of remaining a secured and secluded private space. Yet, with the dissolution of
the princely state it has opened its gates to the wider public and is currently swept by
hundreds of visitors every single day. The walls of the palace that were once guarded
from the outside are now guarded from within. In response to the shift that the space
has undergone, I asked the guards, who are working on site, to lend objects for the
forthcoming exhibition. One by one, the guards brought various old objects, coins,
puppets, cooking appliances and saris, to be displayed in showcases of the palace,
objects they will be guarding for the next year. In return for the loan they received a
framed photograph of their object placed in the palace. Photographs of their
contributions were also displayed on the palace’s walls.