PARTAPUR SHOWCASE Site-specific project developed at Sandarbh Artist in Residence program in Partapur, Rajasthan, India, January 2012.During a one-month stay in the village of Partapur, I have transformed an empty shop into a display space, which was exposed to the public in its different making phases. The people of Partapur were asked to hand over an object of their choice to me, personal or historical artifacts: out of their own personal home ‘showcases’ into the public realm. Every single one of the contributions has found place in the ongoing developing display. The project was aiming at creating a counter ethnographic representation of village life in Partapur, which is not governed by methodological pre-selection, but was formed from within as a result of public intervention. My daily encounter with the people, and the objects that were brought into the space shaped the course the exhibition took. Never have I declined an object suggested. The final collection was displayed in Delhi and Mumbai, and then sent back to the people of Partapur.

Exhibited in:
Habitat Centre, New Delhi, February 2012
Kala Ghoda Gallery, Mumbai February 2012 (with the support of Mumbai Art Room and Clark House Initiative)
Days of Overlap, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2013

Nitesh Gupta, Sheela Shaha (Gupta), Sandeep Babu Harijan, Shailendra Soni, Samir Ahmed, Bharat Bhavsar, Suryakanta Sharma, Dineshchandra Acharya Neeta Acharya, Yogesh Pandya, Niki Shah, Ankur Gautmam.

Interview with Michal Ron HARMA MAGAZINE (Hebrew)
↳ Interview with Michal Ron in SHPILMAN INSTITUTE FOR PHOTOGRPHY (English)
↳ Review in ART AND DEAL INDIA, by Achia Anzi (English)