QUIRCABUE YUIYUI (Speaking with the books), Pahoyan, Ucayali region, Peru, 2017.
Video projection (15 min loop), paper, flashlight
Objects: branches, coconuts, turtle-shell, green blackboard paint, chalk

Exhibited in:
"The shadow is waiting for the full moon", Obrońców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin 2017
"The relative naive", Gallery Weisser Elefant, Berlin 2019

According to a dictionary published in 1904 by Karl von den Steinen, the word for ‘reading’ in the native Amazonian Shipibo language is ‘Quircabue Yuiyui’, which he translated to ‘speaking with the books’. Succeeding Western researchers related the phrase to the Shipibo own artistic practice of painting geometrical designs on various objects, textiles and pottery, a practice that is depicted in songs and oral histories. However, in modern Shipibo language there is no apparent reminiscence of the phrase.

The video was recorded unpremeditatedly during nighttime, while Jean-Brayce, Lucy, Anita and Andres were reading and inspecting various academic papers and photographs about the Shipibo language and design that I have brought with me.